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I have been practicing landscape and garden design since 2000. Collaborating closely with architects, botanist, engineers, biologists and artists, I have approached a variety of project scales from private gardens and temporary installations to estate and land management planning. I enjoyed the dialogue with my clients and I am fulfilled by seeing them use, live and act upon their renewed land. 

Creating landscapes and gardens presumes the ability to listen to nature, to the needs of the site, to the needs and wishes of the client, and to one’s self.


Monica Viarengo Landscape Design combines the poetic with the ecological. We create enchanting landscapes of ‘elsewhere’ while carefully respecting and preserving the fragile dynamics of every project’s territory, ecosystem and the wider landscape. Monica’s international background and continuous contact with different types of landscapes has allowed for a synthesis of many diverse horizons. These provide a never-ending source of inspiration and a tool for understanding the natural world.

Monica was born in Genoa, Italy where she holds an architectural license. She practices both in the United States and Europe.